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Pregnant Women Can Have a Dog?

Pregnant women can have a dog? Now many young people to enrich their own dogs love life, ease the work pressure, thereby promoting physical and mental health. Pets have become their life partner. But when they intend to get married or have children, then someone will suggest they raise their pets to someone else, for fear of toxoplasmosis infection in pregnant women. Many owners do not want to, can not bear and his baby break up in daily life, but worried about the health of the fetus will be affected. For a time, they are in a dilemma. In fact, as long as the attention to good science and health protection, dog, and a healthy baby can have both. How exactly do they do it?

Hostess before pregnancy, can do a laboratory test called TORCH, which will have identified mothers infected with Toxoplasma gondii. TORCH word English name by several pathogens, a combination of the first letter. One letter T stands for Toxoplasma gondii. TORCH examination fee is 100 yuan. If the TORCH test have been infected with Toxoplasma gondii displayed, you can not worry because the body has produced antibodies hostess, does not matter. If the display has never been infected, it means that the body no immunity, it would be in the pregnancy, feeding pets the way pay attention to their diet and health. If the results show is infecting the time being not pregnant. However, if the early pregnancy (3 months), the host is infected TORCH test showed to be termination of pregnancy, because at this time infected with Toxoplasma gondii effect on fetal development are more serious. Domestic general hospitals of gynecological can provide TORCH laboratory.

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