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Dogs Squeeze the Anal Glands

Dogs squeeze the anal glandsBefore each time to the dog a bath do: pay attention to your head, don't leave too close to the anal glands.
First up the dog's tail up, make anal stand out.
Second finger beside the dog anal Squeeze 4.8 point.
Emitted some dogs will stinky Brown stuff, some dogs with little stuff, dirty looks! Eating meat dogs need to crowd Yo!
Dog anal gland squeezed, cleaning on a regular basis is very important, not just to drive out the dog's body odors. If dogs anal glands don't squeeze, also cause anal gland inflammation.
Practices is important to note that: from the inside out, from light to heavy.
Remember, when squeezed, it is best to take on the anal facial tissue or cotton cover, so as to avoid the stinking water splashing into the body.
If glands have been clogged for some time, secretions like toothpaste squeezed rather than spewing, usually only gently squeeze them to flow out it. If bad dog's anal gland squeezed, we need another way, both the index finger and thumb to glands following slightly later part, gently squeezing up to the outside.
Normal secretions are pale yellow-brown, of concentration from the water to the paste has, and accompanied by malodorous. If secretion of pus and blood, has been infected, as soon as possible.
If you can touch the debris, but I could not come out, it means the anal plug must be processed as quickly as possible, seek medical advice. Otherwise it will swell.
In such cases, the dog will lick anal, miso in the ground. Serious it would be painful, because of the pain, the dog will Sprint or chasing tails or keep licking or biting the tail root, and finally abscess. When dog is listless, refused to eat or constipation.
Periodically check the anus and bladder, how long to clean depends on each dog knot sum of frequencies, once a month, while another two or three months there will not be accumulated with, also there is no need to clean up. Small type of dog than larger dogs easily blocked, probably because they eat more food than soft and large dogs, so as to produce a more solid substance.
Monthly crowd at least once time.
Not every time out, the way you look at your right.
To right hand Sam means and index finger press four and at eight o'clock direction of anal glands, to internal extrusion Hou to outside direction of anal glands, to internal extrusion Hou to outside pull, like squeeze toothpaste as of will feeling has anal glands liquid discharges, so anti-covered extrusion number times, anal glands liquid emptying Hou, on pressure does not out things has, but to note, improper forced, instead will makes anal glands inflammation, try with slowly to.

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